Frequently asked questions

Is OMU free to join?
Absolutely! OMU does not charge members.
Can you give me a personal critique?
The Forum houses a lot of experienced artists practicing a wide variety of disciplines, who are more than happy to give you critiques, tips and advice.
Can you be my personal teacher?
Unfortunately, we can't do that. That takes a lot of time. Again, check out the Forum. Anything the administrators can tell you about drawing, your fellow students can too. Check it out.
Are students permitted pets when staying on campus?
Pets are fine, but will need to be housed in appropriate facilities.
Regrettably, the flying monkey house is full at the moment. We will be posting on internal noticeboards when spaces become available.
Are there any jobs available at OMU?
Lifeguard vacancies are usually available, although successful candidates will need certification in both life-saving and shark-wrangling.