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Title: SPA201 - Measuring by eye
Post by: Pa Kalsha on January 13, 2016, 02:18:00 PM
So you’re ready to do your first drawing from life. You’ve got your pencils sharpened and your paper picked out, you’ve found the perfect subject and position, and you're ready to start drawing. An hour later, you take a step back and realise the drawing looks nothing like your subject. It's too long, or too short or just inexplicably, completely, wrong.
We've all been there. The trick to accurate drawing is sighting, or measuring by eye.

Sighting is a vital skill for drawing from life. You can’t get a tape measure out every time you need to see how big something is (both museums and life models object to this, and the less said about trying it at the zoo, the better), so you need a way to size things up from a distance.

Important points: