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PER102: One Point Perspective: The Basic Box
« on: March 03, 2015, 10:18:42 PM »
Welcome back to your continuing education in perspective drawing! If you missed the last lesson and aren't familiar with the terminology of perspective drawing, please read PER101: Perspective Definitions and Terminology first before beginning this tutorial!

Phew! Did you get all of that information? Good! Now remember that terminology as you go forward. If you have troubles visualizing it in your head, don't worry: I have pictures to accompany every step!

How To Draw A Box Using One Point Perspective!

Step 1: Draw your Horizon Line
In this case we want to be on the same level as the box, so let's draw our horizon line directly in the middle of our picture plane.

Step 2: Add your Vanishing Point
For one point perspective we only need one vanishing point. We won't go into how we affect the picture plane with it in this lesson, so for now, let's just put the vanishing point directly in the middle so we're looking straight ahead.

Step 3: Draw your Front Plane
For a simple box your front plane will be a square or rectangle of whatever width and height you desire. For this box, we'll put it to the left of the vanishing point like so...

Step 4: Draw your Orthogonal Lines
Draw a straight line connecting the corner of your plane to your vanishing point. This is your orthogonal line. Draw orthogonal lines for all of the other corners of your plane too. A ruler or line tool is very helpful here, but this one was close enough I felt comfortable sketching it.

Step 5: Define the Depth of your Box
Draw a line in parallel to the front plane somewhere along your orthogonal lines. The closer to the vanishing point the deeper your box, and the closer to front plane the line is, the more shallow your box.

Step 6: Draw your Width lines for your Box's back plane
Draw lines parallel to your front plane's width lines, but only go as far as the other orthogonal lines. If you go past them the back plane will be perspectively wider than the front plane.

Step 7: Draw your other Height line
Draw the last line of your back plane to close it

Step 8: Identify which Planes are being seen
Darken up your front plane and look at the other planes created by your back plane and your orthogonal lines. Any plane that isn't hidden by the front plane should be darkened. In this case, only two planes are able to be seen for our opaque box because the other four are completely covered.

That's it!
You have made a box in perspective! Now let's make a few more for practice. Remember:

Draw your front planes

Rule out your Orthogonal Lines

Define the depth of your back planes

Draw your width and height lines to make your back plane

And identify which Planes are actually Seen

Clean up your work and you have four boxes drawn in one-point perspective!

Extra Credit Fun!
You can now use what you've learned to draw simple or complex cutout shapes (think a child's toy where you have to put shapes through a hole). You use the same steps, making orthogonal lines for as many points as you need to in order to correctly draw the shape on your back plane:

Have fun with this! I hope to see your boxes and shapes up on the WIP or Completed Works boards so we can see how you did! Are you interested in another lesson instead? Head over to PER103: Dividing Planes to continue your journey in perspective drawing!
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Re: PER101: One Point Perspective: The Basic Box
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2015, 05:10:56 PM »
Awesome tut Mother Roshiya! ;D I specially liked the end where you show how to do the same one point perspective with different shapes and not just the box.

This and the Definitions and Terminology tut are awesome starters to beginners (like me :P ), I found them both concise and clear, easy to understand. Thanks a lot for taking the time to do them, can't wait for the rest of the series! For now though, I think I have more than enough to play around with one point perspective drawings for a while ;D

Cheers to you!
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Re: PER101: One Point Perspective: The Basic Box
« Reply #2 on: March 05, 2015, 03:34:08 AM »
Thanks ^^ I'm glad that they proved as helpful as I was trying to make them ^^