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March 03, 2015, 10:18:42 PM by Mother Roshiya | Views: 8148 | Comments: 2
Welcome back to your continuing education in perspective drawing! If you missed the last lesson and aren't familiar with the terminology of perspective drawing, please read PER101: Perspective Definitions and Terminology first before beginning this tutorial!

Phew! Did you get all of that information? Good! Now remember that terminology as you go forward. If you have troubles visualizing it in your head, don't worry: I...
February 26, 2015, 10:25:58 PM by Pa Kalsha | Views: 7196 | Comments: 0
Since I am going back over my old comics and re-digitizing them, I thought I would share how to make your very own digital screentones using Photoshop.  I used CS3 for this version, but even PS7 would work the same way.

Step 1 - Open up a new gray scale document.  Whatever size document you are going to use for your comics pages is fine.  I use the American Comics Standard of 19 x 26 cm.  You will want to create your digital screentones at the same resolution you will be printi...
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